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Non-profit CEOs: achieving measurable impact is more about…

👍🏽 leveraging what you have instead of…

👎🏽 creating something new.

“When we examined the impact of more than 30 of our most impactful portfolio organizations, the data was unequivocal: organizations focused on leveraging existing infrastructure and distribution systems had nearly three…



Have you heard of an impact registry?

And why should you care about it?

“In the social impact sector, our lack of standardized program data has meant it is difficult to tell whether the billions spent on social programs achieve their promised outcomes. That makes it difficult to drive social change on a significant scale, which is a big problem. If we really want to change the world, we have to find a way to solve social problems more efficiently. The creation of an impact registry for the social sector will enable the same data-driven approach that has transformed other sectors.”

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I thought I was alone in my thinking,

But this concept is closer to reality than I realized:

💥 The capitalist society is seeing a convergence of how impact value is created.💥


💰For-profit — — — — — — Non-profit💜


👎🏽 Low Impact — — — — High Impact 🙌🏽

The next steps as we continue to blur the lines:

Do the hard work to agree how on how to measure the value that non-profits and social impact organizations provide in the world.

My gut tells me that the value created from non-profits/social profits far outweighs the value created (or destroyed🤯) from for-profits.

We just don’t have the data to prove it.


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Sarah Merion

Sarah Merion

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