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Depends on your definition of “criminal illegals.” From a certain standpoint, anyone here illegally has broken the law and could be classified as a “criminal,” so… on day one, all criminal illegals will be deported COULD mean all 11 million.

I’m a little more bothered by the fact that when he says “there is softening, there will be softening,” etc., there are NO details. Softening how? What exactly do you mean? When he makes statements about what he will do, he gives only soundbites, NEVER details. It’s extremely frustrating when he refuses to be specific about anything, and it should raise flags for a lot of people that he clearly does NOT have a solid plan. If he did have solid plans, he would discuss them and try to make people see the merits of them. He is not doing this and is very deliberately vague. Either he doesn’t want people to know what the plan is because he knows it would not be well received, or he doesn’t actually have a plan at all (which is my guess). I’m not really sure which of those possibilities is worse.

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