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There is a big difference between a child being gay and a child self-harming and/or being suicidal. One of these things does not hurt the child. The other does. When I was in school my dad got a call about me having multiple slashes on the inside of my arms and saying that I would commit suicide. I’m very glad (now) that he got that call, even though at the time I felt betrayed. However, if he’d gotten a call about me OR my sister being LGBTQ? That would have been catastrophic. After my sister came out to him he cut her out of his life for years. It was heartbreaking to watch. I never had the grapes to do it. 
I think that a school counselor has had adequate training to be able to tell the difference between a psychological crisis that could result in a child being a danger to themselves or to others, and personal information that poses a threat to no one. The state can stay out of this one.

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