My new role: Girl Geek in Residence @ NAB

I am delighted to announce I am the inaugural Girl Geek in Residence at NAB. This position is the first of its kind for a large corporate in Australia and has not been done anywhere else in the world.

This is an opportunity for NAB and Girl Geek Academy to come together to use their shared knowledge and networks to face into the issues facing women in technology.

In 2016, I went to San Francisco and Silicon Valley to talk to startups about their lack of women engineers. I was told if the big startups can’t change the ratio of women in tech, no-one can. But NAB are doing it right here in Australia.

NAB has one of the largest technology teams in Australia and they are successfully changing the ratio. NAB has increased the number of women in senior tech leadership roles from 18% to 27% over a three year period. That’s awesome! We want to learn how NAB are doing this so we can help other people understand things can change for the whole industry.

NAB Division Chief Information Officer of technology support services, Dayle Stevens, and I speaking to a room full of NAB technologists discussing the growth of NAB’s Connecting Women in Technology program

I am Girl Geek in Residence so I can understand how NAB is actually doing what no-one in the world seems to be able to do, until now. We won’t stop until the gender ratio is 50–50 and together we believe it can happen.

Very grateful for the story in the Australian Financial Review article here:

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NAB has partnered with Girl Geek Academy to create a program that will see its CEO and leading technologist Sarah Moran join the technology team at NAB during 2017.

Aligned to NAB’s commitment to attract and retain the best talent through leadership and the technical capability of its people, the inaugural Girl Geek in Residence program will see Sarah supporting NAB employees to build their careers and use their skills to innovate for customers.

Girl Geek is an Australian group that encourages women to learn skills and expertise in technology by delivering face-to-face programs that help move the needle on the gender ratio of women in tech. Sarah said that she was drawn to sharing her expertise and helping NAB build its Connecting Women in Technology program as it has one of the largest tech teams in Australia and is changing the gender ratio in tech.

“I chose to join the team at NAB because I wanted to know how they are doing what no organisation in Australia seems able to — changing the gender ratio of women in technology — and be part of the company’s success,” Sarah said.

“The culture at NAB is a rare find in a company — it’s a culture where women are empowered to advance their career in technology.”

The program will deliver this year innovative programs designed and created by Girl Geek Academy, including bringing Girl Geek Academy’s flagship programs #SheMakes and #SheHacks to NAB — an all-female hackathon where people learn new skills and test new business ideas.

Founder of NAB’s Connecting Women in Technology program and Divisional CIO of Technology Support Services Dayle Stevens says Sarah is bringing an outside-in perspective that is helping NAB ensure its Women in Technology program has the greatest impact.

“Sarah and the Girl Geek Academy pitched the Girl Geek in Residence idea as an opportunity to come together, use our knowledge and our networks to tackle the issues facing women in technology together,” Dayle said.

“As a major employer in the technology industry, this partnership is helping us deliver on our commitment to supporting gender diversity and the push to see more women in technology.

“I knew Girl Geek Academy were already changing outcomes for women in tech and having great success — and this was an opportunity to broaden the program’s reach and positively impact NAB employees too.”

“At the same time, Sarah gets to pilot Girl Geek Academy events and ideas with us, taking their programs from smaller groups to hundreds here at NAB and even more beyond.”

Through NAB’s Connecting Women in Technology program, since 2014 NAB has seen the number of women in senior technology roles increase from 18–27 per cent.

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