Sarah Morin
May 3 · 1 min read

Do You Feel Special?

I lost my childhood in the bedroom that afternoon.

To you, I’m sure that I was weak and vulnerable

And easy pickings.

Perhaps I was vulnerable;

But I thought that you would always lift me up;

Not tear me down.

The games are gone

I play now to escape reality.

The trust is gone.

Because of you I will always second guess someone’s kindness.

What do they want from me?

I can’t ever be open again

So now I’m closed off to the world.

Can’t show emotion.

Can’t be sad.

Sure as Hell can’t cry.

I looked up to you.

Loved you.

Wanted to be around you.

But now I barely want to be around myself.

You did that.

One afternoon.

In your bedroom.

Sarah Morin

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Transwoman, wife, daughter, parent, advocate, lover of life. I’m a woman of many labels, but beyond definition.