Our Favorite Leather Jacket

The leather jacket in all its glory.

In my closet hangs an abundance of different pieces, ranging from cozy winter sweaters to flowy summer dresses. It’s a collection of pieces I’ve gathered over the years that not only dress me in my day-to-day outfits but, to an extent, help define me. One such piece is my favorite piece of clothing — my black leather jacket.

A staple in many closets, mine is a simple faux leather jacket with a faux fur lining and collar. When it starts getting cold out, like most people, it’s the first thing I reach for because it’s one of the warmer jackets I own. But do not be mistaken, this is not just any leather jacket.

I bought the jacket in October, 2013. I remember it so vividly not only because of where I was, but who I was with. I was with my aunt and we were spending the week in Philadelphia to go to the Cancer Research Center of America so she could begin her final round of chemotherapy. She had been diagnosed with colon cancer the year before, and if all went well, this would be the last trip to Philly for a while.

The temperature was still moderately warm outside, but inside the hospital, it was an icebox. This wasn’t anything new to us, we had been there a lot over the last year and a half. However, the sweaters she brought with her this time just weren’t keeping her warm enough, so one day after she had finished her chemo session, we took a trip to the local mall to look for something warmer.

My aunt and I scoured the mall for hours, but we couldn’t find anything— until we came across a rack of leather jackets. When she tried the jacket on she knew that it would definitely do the trick. But, even though she looked amazing in the jacket, she felt a little embarrassed walking around the hospital wearing it. So, naturally, I bought one too.

And so we spent the next four days, walking around the Cancer Treatment Center (and surrounding Philadelphia) in these matching leather jackets. On the fifth day, my aunt completed her treatment and we were given the okay to head on home. Two weeks later, we received the news that her cancer was officially in remission.

While I’m not one to organize my closet in any particular fashion, I keep the jacket towards the front so I can see it every morning and be reminded of not only what turned out to be a great week in Philly, but to take it with me.

Now every year, when it starts getting colder out, whenever I visit my aunt, I always bring the jacket along. And if we decide to hit up the mall or simply take a walk around the block, we grab our keys, slip on some shoes and throw on our favorite leather jacket.

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