I know this is completely untrue
Sexism at Uber from female management #UberStory
Keala Lusk

Look, I would say that this tank top is inappropriate unless men are also wearing tank tops. I get that women have slightly different dress codes, but as a professional — especially if you are management, it doesn’t look good for either gender to wear tank tops. It’s not even about sexism, it’s the same to me as not wearing shorts or flip flops. If you want to be seen as a professional, dress like one and that means you skip the tank tops, shorts, sandals, and Hawaiian shirts with scantily clad women on them. I think there’s a lot of validity in your complaints about other items but this is just something to expect from anyone. I would never tolerate employees coming in wearing tank tops at work as it is unprofessional and when we dress professionally, we perform better.

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