apartment on her own without roommates
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Stefanie Williams

My qualm about this expectation that she must get a roommate instead of a job that pays a salary to afford a modest place on her own is that she’s a single woman and single women have to decide if their safety is worth the hassle of finding a roommate. I’ve tried to get roommates before, and often they are not the kind of people I’d trust inside my locked apartment once I’m asleep. The expectation of a full time job should include the expectation of a salary that pays a living wage without needing a HUSBAND, BOYFRIEND, PARENTS, or ROOMMATE to pay part of the living expenses. That makes women and younger people in general dependent on others. The idea that it’s acceptable to tell a young adult they need to depend on others despite having a full time job is where entitlement really exists. Just because you managed to do it and tough it out doesn’t mean it’s moral or ethical to ask our next generation to do this. I’ve struggled and I really appreciate the story you share — but I disagree that expecting others to deal with the same challenges we had instead of us reaching out to change things for the better for the next generation is just selfish. #imho

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