Childfree Is A Legitimate Choice
The Nib

really wonderfully composed! I have several friends who have opted for childfree lives — these are intelligent, talented and sensitive people. Many are great with kids and are aunts, uncles, and friends who babysit for cheap. I admit that I judge these people when I think about how they made this choice to not have kids — unlike most people though, I judge them as someone who knows how damaging it is for a child to grow up with a parent who doesn’t want them or doesn’t have room in their life for a child. I view these friends of mine as having a high level of self awareness, compassion, and responsibility because they recognize they’re happy with a life that isn’t well suited to forcing another life to go through it for 18 years. Parents have to make a lot of sacrifices and especially for women, it’s unfair for society to ask people to become parents against their wishes. We’d no more demand someone become a teacher if they had no desire to teach. Why do we think that socially pressuring people into parenthood somehow would be a good thing for these people or their undesired children? Some people just judge without any critical evaluation of their beliefs sometimes

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