We may be meant only to visit, not to live.
Never go to space it’s terrible omg
Leigh Alexander

this article really seems focused on a negative, pessimistic perspective. the reality is that anything new is hard and risky. I’m sure you’re happy to use your car to drive around and far more people die in car accidents and lose limbs and loved ones every day. People live in places with earthquakes, flooding, tornados and hurricanes, and volcanos: where would you propose we go to live that does not have a risk of a natural disaster taking our lives? Dying by being buried alive in a mudslide or drowning in a flood also is a very horrible way to imagine going. What inspires me is that despite our fragility, humans have managed to thrive — not just survive — in some of the harshest conditions. We’re adaptable and as we explore other planets — we’ll adapt to those new environments and diversify our species even further. We aren’t made for surviving forever… we only have a short time and during that time — I don’t want to make choices based on my fear of dying.

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