Melinda Gates and Li have founded AI4All. This is a program that targets 9th-grade, underrepresented students
Why we desperately need women to design AI
Kate Brodock

We have so many adult women who can code and learn to code. But we have places like Google that are not hiring, promoting and paying women equally. We have many women starting their careers after college in technology, and leaving for other options outside our industry. Why are ALL of the programs focused on helping kids grow up to be coders if we need to fix this problem NOW?

When are all of us adult women going to focus on patching that leaky pipeline that leaks the most when women are in their early 30s and beyond? While we need to educate our children — we will never have enough educators until we bring the adults up to speed. How many retirement age women are there who could learn to code and then become teachers and mentors to children? More than anyone realizes.

If we want inclusivity in tech — we have to stop focusing on the easy kid path and start bringing in all people interested in coding at all ages and help them learn.

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