How to Destroy Your Stress and Reclaim Your Life With The ‘Oxygen Rule’
Elle Kaplan

Would you be open to talking about some of the ideas you put here that I think we need to reframe and consider differently around the ideas of work/business hours vs personal life/hours?

I definitely agree with you about the importance of people taking time for themselves to recharge, eat right and sleep, exercise, get a haircut every so often etc… but I think we go too far when we suggest it should be a daily goal. Not every day is going to be balanced between work and personal time, and not all *personal* time according to the workplace is actually recharging time for us (ie parenting is a great example, or taking time off work to meet the a/c repair person at home) and I think we ought to talk more about coping strategies for those days when life is out of balance and long term/sustainable frameworks for living a life that *generally/most of the time* is balanced. After all — a vacation is when you escape and go somewhere and ideally, don’t work for days — that’s not balanced at all, either.