Three lessons I learned when I took my newborn to a Women In Tech networking event…
Isi Aladejobi

YES! The Houston startup community has started to adapt to my bringing my child with me — starting when he was about 5, I would have to make a choice between paying $80–100 for a babysitter just to attend an event or take him with me. It was scary — I was worried if I’d be judged by others as not being a good mom AND not being a good entrepreneur simultaneously. Over the past several years — I’ve learned that either no one really minds my child being there or they’re too polite and know better than to speak up but regardless, I’m still usually the only woman who brings her kid to work with her and it is tough, but there’s no other way to make it work as a mom and entrepreneur. I have noticed that investors are very supportive of this and it does help my child is an angel. I was not remotely was well behaved at his age. I would love to see more parents bring their kids and see more co-working spaces support parents. It’s especially difficult during the summers with school aged kids when the choice is to spend hundreds of dollars a week for day camps (cost prohibitive for most bootstrapping entrepreneurs). Keep doing this and hopefully, we can change the perception that kids don’t belong in startups.

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