we also should expect society to progress.
Why the Star Trek films are the wrong place for the Hijab
Scott Neidich

Your entire premise is based on the assumption that the hijab is the problem, instead of looking at how people’s biases against Muslims is the problem. Who the f*ck cares what people in the future wear? If progress is important — then that progress begins and ends with changing bigotry, not changing clothes.

Worf wears a Klingon Baldric, signifying his Klingon roots. Bajorans wear earrings alongside their uniform. Counselor Troi wore a uniform cut to her preference as a Betazoid. There are many examples throughout the Star Trek universe of people wearing symbols of their own origin and culture along with their federation uniforms.

I see nothing wrong with the hijab still being worn in the future. Why do you have such a problem with it?

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