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Don’t wait until you’ve been let go to make a plan for what’s next.

While the tech field overall is relatively safe, and might even grow during the pandemic. There is one segment of employees that is taking a hit. Marketing and sales teams are getting the ax.

It makes sense, this is a hard time for companies and they are looking at the market contraction and know that even with the best teams, they can’t meet their sales goals and they can’t afford to keep the teams going.

The question is not about how to keep your jobs- because you can’t. But what are you going to do next?

My suggestion is simple- look around you, at the small businesses in your area and start reaching out to them. Offer them a profit-sharing service (or charge a fee, whatever) where you help them go and grow online. They are struggling with inventory and rent, or with services that they don’t know how to translate to an online business and then scale- and the truth is that you are aces at that. So pitch in together because you both need each other. …

You can’t have a win/win scenario in poker because of the way the game is designed. In economic and game theory we call this a zero-sum game.

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Poker is a game that has winners and losers. You play your cards and put your chips on the table: if you win then you take it all. Our global strategy for COVID-19 acts pretty much the same way.

Anytime you have a zero-sum game, there is no half-measure, no compromise, and no way that “everybody wins”. If you all have chips, it means that everyone else has lost everything they brought to the table.

That’s what we are looking at with the COVID-19 response. Countries are putting people on lockdown because the virus either spreads or it doesn’t. …

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Before you toss me out as a nutjob or crackpot who is spreading fake news- I ask you to follow me on a journey.

I’m a Behavioral Economist, and I’ve been working on a project called Rapid Economic Innovation COVID-19. This isn’t a plug for my work, it’s just the context of why I was reading so much research (beyond the personal obsession for wanting to know what the fuck is going on).

If you want to build an economic theory, you need to start at the beginning, make recommendations for the middle and then look forward to the eventual end and how you want the economy to look at this point. (hence, lots of research)

From the behavioral side of things, I was getting kind of disturbed by the number of people who don’t seem to be taking COVID-19 seriously and trying to reverse engineer the reasoning behind that- it’s not so complicated. …


Sarah Nadav

Behavioral Economist, Corporate Storyteller, Fintech Entrepreneur, Journalist, World Economic Forum Expert Network

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