Fraudulent debt is fucking up people’s credit scores

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I started the Barclays/Techstars accelerator with an MVP of Civilize that was intended to help stop harassment of people in debt.

We busted our asses, reiterated at a crazy pace and now we are leaving with a tool that not only gives them a safe way to communicate- but a powerful tool against fraudulent debts.

As many people do, I created a solution to a problem that I had faced- I had been harassed by collection agencies. We launched our MVP and I was our first client: that is where things started to go sideways (in the best possible way). By using the Civilize tools, all of my debts were removed from my credit report.

Ummm- what? How? Hey? I seriously had to rethink our whole business model because it doesn’t work if people use our service and their debts disappear.

So the debts were gone, and on April 18th my credit score had gone from 550- 650. (I blogged about it) I got a few credit card offers, started using them and it’s been about six weeks it has now my score went up to 728.

Civilize is not a “credit repair” company but when we eliminate fraudulent debts, people’s credit scores improve.

I haven’t “cracked the code” on the credit score, in fact, I think my score now more correctly reflects my actual creditworthiness. My debt problems were almost a decade ago and due to a medical crisis. I have long since gotten back on my feet, but my score hadn’t improved even though my circumstances had.

That said, I had a relatively simple case. I have no student debt or mortgage. There are no current cards with high balances or any other reason that my score would be low. My debts were all old, many of them weren’t accurate and most of them were passed the statue of limitations.

But the point is, they were still there until I did something about it. And now they are gone.

This blog post represents my personal experience and in no way gives a guarantee that Civilize can replicated the results for all of our customers.

*Civilize uses the tools and resources of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and stops creditor abuse to the full extent of the law

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