Box Building

I work at a small outdoor store, called Outdoor Outlet, in Mayfield on Sundays. The first thing that I have to do every Sunday is check and see if there are any orders. We ship items from the store directly and from the main warehouse. If someone orders an item and the store has it we will usually ship it out. The job isn't bad, until I have to find a box that will fit the orders.

In the backroom we have extra inventory, and a few boxes. If I’m lucky I can find a box that will fit the order back there. I’m not a very lucky person so I usually have to go out to the Box Building.

The Box Building is a separate building behind the main building. I wouldn't have a problem going to building if it didn't look like something straight out of a horror film.

I have to walk on a small path, that runs parallel to the woods, to get to the entrance. The building is white, with a big sliding door. The inside of the building has uneven concrete floors, and white walls. The windows are dirty because nobody has the time or the desire to go clean them. The floor is littered with boxes upon boxes. I try to find a box in the front of the building, but sometimes I have to travel further into the place. Not only are there boxes but there are mannequins in there too. If it wasn't creepy enough to go into this old building full of boxes alone, there are mannequins staring at me. To top it all off the building has become home to multiple spiders. I’m not very fond of spiders. I only touch something in there when necessary, because there’s usually a spider or two on it.

My job is not too bad, but I could do without making trips to the dreaded Box Building.

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