My Life Has Been a Lie

Today I was just casually sitting on Coreena’s bed having a casual conversation with her. I was also on Medium at the same time. As I was scrolling through I saw a story about working on Thanksgiving. I mentioned how I would hate to work on Thanksgiving and Coreena asked me who wrote the story. I said “Brittany Mcgraph.”

Next thing I know Coreena starts dying of laughter. I give her a confused look. All I had said was Brittany McGraph.

In between laughs she says “Her name is McGrath!”

I denied it. I have been going to school with Brittany for 13 years, I think I know how to say her name. But sure enough I looked closer at the Medium post and found out her name is “McGrath” not “McGraph”.

Afterward I joined Coreena in laughter. How could I have been saying her name wrong for 13 years?

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