A Dispatch from the Desk of a Marketing Associate

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I don’t write every day. However, I think about writing every day and write 3 days out of 7 days which is a good number for me. I also do a lot of writing adjacent work such as writing marketing copy, updating websites, product descriptions among other jobs.

These jobs require me to write. A lot. I’m not consistent on medium and my blog, but I’m consistent at work. Having a weekly writing habit works for me as I don’t have something to say every single day.

My work articles are pretty much decided on. However, I have the freedom…

Here’s Why It Didn’t Work

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In late 2020, I decided to experiment with my writing and put myself out there. So, like many Medium writers, I applied to Vocal and Newsbreak. I got rejected by Newsbreak and decided to try out Vocal. Between late 2020 and early 2021, I published 9 articles before life hit me.

All the articles were syndicated from Medium. I experimented with best-performing articles on Medium. Then I posted articles with poor traction. I’m happy to announce that I’ve made a whopping $0.23 on the platform, and I won’t be continuing with my experiment.

Sure, there are articles on the homepage…

Are you willing to Count the Cost?

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Every time I tell someone I write online, blog and run online marketing campaigns, they think it’s easy. How can I do that? They ask. To them, all you need is WiFi and a laptop and you’re good to go. Most people think you’re paid as soon as you sit on your desk and that clients are easy to find. Until they start and realise it’s not the case.

Outside of my blog and Medium, I’m very reluctant to share “writing tips.” I know most people are not willing to count the cost or go the extra mile. Are they…

When You’ve Been Silent For Too Long

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I don’t know when I started staying silent and observing people. Whether it was from fear, reading the room or a subconscious choice is unknown to me. I was unable to stand up or speak up and found it less draining to stay silent. Which led to the resolute decision to observe people.

How far are they going to take this?

Are they serious?

Is it a me issue?

This would throw me into a period of self-introspection and trying to figure out how I could have contributed to the conflict. …

#1. Fatigue Is a Delayed Response to Trauma

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It was in 2019 when I first felt the pangs of burnout. Mental, emotional and physical fatigue that lingers after 24 hours of sleep. It started with my grandmother suffering a stroke in early 2019. I took a day off from work and spent the day nursing a headache from hours of crying.

The weekend I went to visit her, I cried all the way home. Shameless crying on the bus. Shortly after, my mum who was her caregiver was hospitalised and then shortly after, my dad was hospitalised.

Fast forward to 2020, we buried seven family members including grandma…

Even When it Makes You Anxious at Times

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I was 20 when I started working. Back then, I was an intern for an online health magazine owned by a Journalist from a top media station in Kenya. Although the position was unpaid, it made me feel all grown up. My deliverables included 2 articles a week which were easy to meet.

When I was done with University, I started tarmacking and applying for jobs in the statistics and finance sector. It would be great to practice my economics and statistics degree, or so I thought. …

# 2. Choose Your Areas Of Joy

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Starting my day with a book gives me control over my day. In addition, waking up an hour or 30 minutes early to read makes me feel very prepared for the day. I already feel successful. Over the years, my interests have moved from fiction to non-fiction books. I try as much as possible to incorporate books around business, marketing, digital business and books that can help me improve on my craft.

The last book I read that wasn’t non-fiction was a memoir by Jesmyn Ward; Men we reaped.

#2. Going Viral Doesn’t Always Translate to Sales

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I follow Twitter Lists of Black folks on social and digital marketing. Once in a while, they’ll share opinions and thoughts that most brands wouldn’t agree with. These opinions cement the one’s I’ve had and struggled with.

Reading these tweets from other people in my career choice validates my thoughts on being a social media manager. There are so many struggles of working in digital while living in a digital age.

It should not come with additional roles especially if a brand is heavily online media reliant. Additional roles add confusion to the social media manager especially if many roles…

Up Your Email Marketing Game in 2021

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Apart from designing an email newsletter, creating email copy for eCommerce can be hard. Most email marketers will fumble with the email design, before working on the email copy.

f you’re an eCommerce email marketer, here are some platforms to help you plan your email marketing.

  1. Flowium

Flowium is a full-service eCommerce email marketing agency. It leans on that expertise to help grow your business to its full potential.

Flowium Founder sends out videos to his email list on how to optimise email marketing. By watching one of the videos on abandonment cart flows, I realised that our abandonment cart…

And Other Lies We Tell Ourselves

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Late last year, I wrote an article on How To Create a Week’s Worth of Social Media Content based on my own struggles, wins and breakthroughs. The article was well received and was shared widely across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

If you’d like to read the article, here’s a link:

Although the article doesn’t have a lot of claps, it’s one of my top-earning posts. This is due to the fact that it was curated and widely shared. In fact, Felicia C. …

Sarah Nderi

Kenyan. BSc Economics and Statistics. Writer. Blogger at WP & Medium. Find me at nderisarah.com. Work with me: sarah@nderisarah.com

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