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On the sunny afternoon of 5th January 2020, my dad went to be with the Lord. 9 days later, we laid him to rest. I don’t know what’s harder; having a dad and not having a dad at the same time, or learning to adjust and live life without him. I feel lost. My soul is shipwrecked at sea.

My dad was selfless. Every child feels entitled to its parent’s provisions and love and only realizes the selfless acts way later. Last year I recounted all his selfless acts to him and he said it was his parental duty.

Niches, Trends and Social Media Platforms

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Before the lockdown, everything seemed to be going pretty well. The months of February and January were good to me and others in terms of blogging. Now the situation looks bleak for everyone. Do we keep writing? What do we write about?

Thriving and Failing Niches

The Travel Industry has been hit pretty hard as no one’s travelling. Without a doubt, this has translated to a decrease in traffic for travel bloggers. Keto bloggers, Lifestyle, fashion and beauty bloggers, wedding and events bloggers and pregnancy and parenting sites have all taken a hit.

Any site that revolves around the outdoors, travelling, catering, events and non-essential eCommerce platforms have taken a hit. By non-essential, I mean sites whose products are watches, clothes and makeup. …

A dispatch from the desk of a marketing associate

woman sitting on the floor, typing on a laptop.
woman sitting on the floor, typing on a laptop.
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Two years ago, I landed the role of digital content specialist and immersed myself into the world of email marketing, creating email copy, designing them, A/B testing emails, and all the great stuff that comes with email marketing.

My journey started with MailChimp and has since evolved to using Klaviyo for email marketing. In the beginning, I’d get scatterbrain on what to send, subject lines, best days to send, and the analysis would paralyse me into creating no emails or taking longer than expected.

Here Are Tools That Helped Me Conquer Email Marketing

To date, I use Advanced Marketing Institute and Coschedule headline analyzer to A/B test subject lines. I come up with four subject lines and the winning two get A/B tested to see what my audience responds to. …

Do you google quotes or do you use the ones in your journal?

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In the beginning of my writing and social media journey, I struggled with quotes and incorporating them in my work. I would only use quotes already in my journal as I knew of their background and trusted the author. I felt guilty of using quotes which spoke the message I wanted to send, but whose background and context was unfamiliar.

What if I quote an author who was misogynistic but had once said something along the lines of supporting women? …

Having A Love Life in 2020

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Korean drama is the reason I have slept at 2:00 am one too many times. I have started a drama in one day only to finish it the same day. Each episode is around an hour long with one series having 13 to 16 episodes. Yes, that’s a whole day’s work and sleep hours sacrificed to the Netflix gods and Korean drama writers.

Having been single for more than two years, my love life is non-existent and sometimes singlehood feels like a trap. Going out feels like a lot of work. Taking myself out of my comfort zone to meet people for the first time and repeat what I like 10 times in the hopes of clicking with someone is a lot of energy that in all honesty don’t have and 2020 doesn't currently allow. …

A dispatch from the desk of a marketing associate

Woman holding her phone over a laptop
Woman holding her phone over a laptop
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As a writer and a creative, I’ve had my fair share of social media-induced anxiety, to the point where it almost crippled me. Now I’m okay with Twitter (to some extent) and spend quite some time there. As a writer and a marketing associate, you’ll most likely have to do writing adjacent work such as creating email copy, social media copy, and product descriptions for eCommerce sites.

For quite some time now, I have cut back from managing social channels to creating social media copy alone. …

When You Have No Words Left

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One Spring Night plays in the background as I struggle to come with article titles that I care about. I want to write again, but don’t care enough about any topic. At least that’s how I feel. I have felt this way since April, and words continue to fail me.

June and July felt like I was anchored to the sea bed and no matter how much I tried to pull away and swim, the anchor was too strong. I struggled with the depression of being confined to a studio apartment as days fed into each other.

I lost my grandmother in August. Although the migraines and the heaviness lifted in August, I felt guilty of fading memories of time spent with grandma. September and October were focused on healing the parts of my soul and psyche that lost interest in writing and any creative pursuits. …

#4. You Learn To Find A Different Rhythm, A Different Way Of Living.

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Her absence is like the sky, spread over everything. ~ C.S Lewis, A Grief Observed.

2020 has been a year of so many losses. Family, friends, vacations, careers, plans, summers and time. We’ve been stuck in our houses trying to salvage our time and function in a pandemic. We’re going through loss but we have no time to process it.

The first two weeks into the pandemic were great for writers stuck at home. We could finally write. …

Watch Dollars Hit My Bank

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I bet the title of this article will be the summary of the year 2020 come December for many people, companies, parents, siblings, and friends. We don’t how the year went, we faced many losses or we are/were hanging on by the skin of our teeth.

Like all of us, I had my 2020 resolutions in place by December 2019. I had a theme and a list of achievements to cross off and like many of us, I’ve had to mourn the plans I had and the year I had planned.

When our CEO asked us to summarise 2019 in five words and predict 2020 in five words, here were…

Book Review

Life Lessons from Think and Grow Rich: Death and Life Are In Your Tongue But Also Out Of Your Control

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When Napoleon Hill starts the chapter on how to outwit the six ghosts of fear in Think and Grow Rich, he suggests to the reader to take inventory on the fear(s) holding him back and cure himself of these fears.

According to Hill, there are six basic fears which are the fear of poverty, criticism, ill health, loss of the love of someone, and fear of death. We are in a time where all these fears are at a play due to the current world situation.

I’ve had my own shares of fears, which have brought their own share of anxieties. I certainly didn’t expect to read about fear and worry in a finance and self-help development book, but I did and it has been a lifeline for the last two months. …


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