Through the Wire[frame]

This was a simple wireframe I completed for a car sharing app called emov. The app design was already completed, so it was actually a reverse of what a UX/UI design team should do! I completed the quick assignment as part of my pre-work for a UX/UI bootcamp I will be attending soon at Ironhack. It has been really fun to see how all of the students in my upcoming cohort, as well as the cohort taking place in the Barcelona location, have been tackling the same assignments.

When designing an app it’s always preferable to start out simple, even a drawing on a napkin will do. It’s easier and less time consuming to add and take away elements at the early stages. The wireframe also allows the team or outside testers to focus on the flow of the app without any colorful or flashy distractions. I kept it really simple, adding a lot of placeholders for images, the word ‘logo’ instead of anything resembling a logo, and only the words and symbols that were necessary to understand how the app would function.

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