Education is a right, and Setti Warren gets it.

I am a product of Massachusetts public education. As the daughter, niece, and granddaughter of Massachusetts public school teachers, a graduate of the Attleboro public school system, and a rising junior at the University of Massachusetts Amherst, I have always understood the importance of public education in our state. I support Setti Warren because he understands this too.

Public education in Massachusetts is vital in ensuring that all students, regardless of background or ability, have the opportunity to succeed. I have sat in overcrowded, outdated classrooms and benefitted from the passion and effort that public school teachers put into their jobs. My teachers bought their own classroom supplies and put in extra hours to ensure that every student in their classroom could achieve success.

As mayor of Newton, Setti Warren worked closely with unions to improve public schools. Through this, he showed that he understood the importance of providing quality education to all Newton students.

Setti Warren stands out because he also understands the importance of public higher-education in today’s economy. As a student at a state-university, I and many of my fellow classmates struggle to pay for our most affordable option for a four-year college education. The cost of attendance at UMass Amherst for an in-state student can easily exceed $30,000 per year. Through the time I’ve spent at UMass, tuition has also risen every year, while resources and services for students have been cut due to insufficient state funding.

Setti Warren understands a dilemma that many young people across the commonwealth face: it is harder for those in our generation to get by without a Bachelor’s degree, but the cost burden of attending a four year institution is more than many can bare. His proposal for free public higher education in Massachusetts is bold, and it is the kind of bold that our state needs. Massachusetts is known as one of the higher-education capitals of the world, but often, the private institutions in our state are financially out of reach for middle and lower income students. Economic inequality is a problem in Massachusetts, and the gap between the richest and poorest residents of our state will only grow if Massachusetts students do not have access to higher education.

We need someone on Beacon Hill who understands the importance of high-quality, accessible public education. Setti Warren has showed his commitment to public education in our state, and is not afraid to boldly address the problems that students across our state face. Setti Warren’s understanding of the importance of education is one of many reasons why he is fit to be our next governor, and why I will be spending much of my time working to help him get elected.

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