Survey & Assumptions: UX Design

My Archetype from the interviews was the ‘Bored Facilities User’.

  • Send out 10 questions on survey monkey.
  • Gather information from survey.

Survey Monkey Questions & Information:

  1. Describe what would be your perfect way to spend 2 hours of wait time at an airport? (If anything was possible).

The answers were very realistic and attainable; rest, be comfortable, internet & movies came up a few times, food & drinks.

2. Can you describe the last time you felt you were making good use of your wait time at an airport?

Working was the most common theme in terms of making good use of time.

3. For what percentage of your trips are you waiting in a airport lounge? (i.e. Premium or Paid access not the general waiting area).

This was sitting at about 10%. (Most of the things people describe that they want are actually available already in any premium lounge).

4. How did you spend the wait time at the airport on your last business trip?

Almost all responded, working.

5.How did you spend the wait time at the airport on your last holiday trip?

This was more varied, mostly around eating, drinking & entertainment.

6. Can you remember a time at an airport, when you used a facility you have never used before? What was the facility?

The ones mentioned were massage and showers.

7. What is the most enjoyable thing you have experienced at an airport?

Showers and free food & drinks were the themes.

8. What is the least enjoyable thing you have experienced at an airport?

This was; being late, being alone, loud noises, dirty facilities.

9.On a scale of one to five, how satisfied are you with your current experiences of waiting at an airport?

Most rated 1 or 2. Some at a 3.

  • Make 2–3 assumptions on how you can improve an airport for your archetype.

Overall the expectations of the ‘bored facilities user’ are very low. They are in a mindset of having to be in discomfort. Small pleasures are a theme in response to the questions of what is desired.

  1. Shower facilities available to the general waiting area, not just lounges.
  2. Entertainment in the form of movies or shows that can be accessed.
  3. More comfortable areas for rest and relaxation.
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