The long game

Great post, you make loads of great points, from the coffee shop to the hard slog, so I wanted to comment on a point which I don’t think others will raise.

You talk about work/life balance, you want to “have it all”. I see a lot of women a few steps ahead of you, founding lifestyle businesses as an alternative to employment, they view businesses as the best option for a fulfilling career, and a flexible one. In a country where 54,000 women a year lose their jobs when they fall pregnant (double the rate it was 10 years ago), no wonder many women are deciding to take matters into their own hands.

These women aren’t unambitious by any means, they intend to make big companies not sell lace doilies, but they know they’re very un-investible, they care about the mission of the business, and they want control. The combination of those three things mean VC funding is never an option for them, so they only build slow businesses like you want Sanctus to be.

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