Giving A Bowler Some Credit

This is for the bowlers out there who have gotten a giggle when you tell people that you’re a bowler. For the bowlers who are questioned when they can’t do something or go somewhere because of being committed to a league and team just like every other athlete out there.

For the person who is doing all that underestimating of us bowlers:

Aren’t there certain ways you have to hold a football, basketball, baseball or softball bat? How about a basketball? Well, there’s a certain way you have to hold a bowling ball. Do you have to move your hands on the bat based on the type of pitch being thrown at you? Or sit down and come up with different plays based on the team you’re playing? Well, based on the lane conditions of a particular alley, a bowler has to figure out the right way in which to throw their ball, which could be completely different from their norm.

When your football, glove, bat, bathing suit or tennis racket is becoming worn down, are you supposed to get a new one? Or how about your cleats? Bowlers need new shoes and new ball as well for all the same reason’s other athletes may need new attire or sports gear.

How about when the bases are loaded and you’re down a run with two outs, isn’t there pressure on the batter up at the plate? Or you’re 10 yards out of the end zone with 3 downs with only a couple seconds to go, isn’t there a lot of pressure on the quarterback and receiver? Well how about the anchor in bowling, when their team is down 29 pins and they need 3 strikes in the tenth frame to win. Coming from someone who has played multiple sports and is in the anchor position more times than not, that feeling is just as bad as a bases loaded, two outs, down one run at bat. How about having to maintain a certain amounts of TD in a season, or batting average, or amount of free throws? Well, there’s no worse feeling than bowling a game under your average.

Having a slump? Bowlers have them too. Believe me, I was having the season of my life one summer, went into fall league with 188 average and with a lack of not being able to bowl over my average for a few weeks, my average dropped rather quickly.

Oh and how about beating a record, or finally hitting that home run after hours in the batting cages every week. Oh, and theres always that season where you have never felt so accomplished because of your ability to throw more free throws than ever before. Well, lemme tell you, theres nothing like bowling your high game that you have been practicing forever to beat!

In conclusion, next time you hear someone respond, “I bowl” to the ever so popular question, “what sports do you play?”, don’t underestimate them. We may not be running sprints at practice or doing obscene amounts of exercising that makes them dread practice, but we sure as hell put just as much work into what we love as every athlete does. And, well, let’s be honest, bowling thats the W in regards to the social aspect.