The struggle is real

Finding motivation to go workout is hard for many, me included sometimes. But to get to where we want to be, we have to remember to work hard and stay on the grind. Do allow your weakness or lack of motivation get the best of you!

Set a workout routine and stick with it! Make it a habit and do it continuously until it becomes the new normal. If bringing along a buddy helps (and with most people, it does) bring them. That way you both can benefit from a new lifestyle. Use each other as accountability to get your workout in and done.

With working out, it’s also to remember to eat a healthy. Clean eating can be a struggle for some if it’s not something you do already. It’s a major change when your trying to become healthier.

Use food as fuel. Do some research and figure out what foods are good for you and which foods you should avoid. Remember that food pyramid you learned about in elementary school. It’s laid out for you. That’s a good example to start with.

Read carefully ⬇️

That doesn’t mean you can never have your favorite snack ever again, it just means you can have those in moderation (not everyday/all day).

Key points to remember from today:

  • Focus on your goals
  • Exercise daily (30 min)
  • Balanced meal plan

Again make it your new normal and lifestyle. There are so many benefits to gain from it. But I will talk about all those next time. Until then, I want to thank you and I send you well wishes and good health!