How recognizing our limits helps us forge new openings

Photo: Erlend Ekseth / Unsplash

In graduate school, I had a professor who loathed me. And I mean toe-curling he’s-getting-hives-just-looking-at-me loathery. It was so very irrational but also so very deep. And, as is perhaps no surprise, the depth of the loathing was precisely correlated to the extent of the irrationality. …

True change calls on us to ‘believe’ without bravado

Photo: Josh Johnson / Unsplash

If you watch Ted Lasso, you’ll know (and likely love) the “Believe” sign hanging over Coach Lasso’s door. Yes, it invites folks to believe. But just as importantly: Unlike more standard motivational office fare, it’s handwritten, crooked, and barely held up by blotches of tape. In other words: It’s perfectly…

Sarah Pessin

@sarahpessin | | professor of philosophy | interfaith chair | University of Denver | Civics Salamander on Twitter: @civicssalamandR

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