You Might Be A Partisan Hack If…
Caitlin Johnstone

I have unironically called someone a Nazi today…but it’s because we have people running around the country today calling THEMSELVES Nazis. And I’m tired of using terms like “moron”, “idiot” and “racist” to describe them. But seriously, the Nazis never actually went away — in fact, the US brought thousands of their scientists over here to work on things like rocket science and the atomic bomb. White supremacy has been a problem since…well since the founding of this country when we started transporting Africans over here to use as slaves. And the terrorist minority group changes every generation, but we still have one. First it was the Natives, then it was the British, then there was a huge disagreement between the Federalists and the Republicans that was interrupted by the terrorist British again, then slavers and anti slavers started going at each other causing a literal civil war in this country leading to freed slaves being terrorist of the generation. But through all this, Natives were still a scary, evil group terrorizing the new western borders of the country. And somewhere in history the Irish, the Chinese, then Nazis and Japanese, then the Commies, and lately, Muslims from the Middle East. Since the founding of our country, we have had an us versus them attitude, with the out-group always changing, but with us always defining ourselves as “not them”. It’s frankly disgusting. We imagine ourselves this “shining beacon on a hill”, but it’s always been a gated community, and if you don’t have the right skin color, or accent, or political beliefs, you’re not welcome. We should change our name to the Hypocritical States of America.

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