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I stopped watching all my former favorite political comedy shows this election. Trevor Noah seemed to just not get it when it came to the true divide in this country, making him seriously unfunny. Though I do wonder what Jon Stewart would have been doing if he were still in charge. Colbert has gone total mainstream when he switched over to the Late Show — and likely has to per contract or somesuch. And John Oliver I haven’t been able to watch since he punched left at Jill Stein for wanting to do for student loan holders exactly what the government did for banks loaded with underwater mortgages. It’s disgusting how quickly people fall for the “lesser of 2 evils” argument, people who otherwise would be intelligent, thoughtful people. It helps me to understand the right wing better — you can’t think straight if you’re being scared out of your mind by pundits on tv, and the one thing Hillary did well this campaign was scare impressionable people about Trump. As I keep trying to point out to my friends — this country has survived Presidents Polk, Buchanan (who’s policies caused the civil war!), Grant, Hoover, Harding, Nixon and Bush II, the country can survive Trump.

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