Buzzfeed Exposes Sinister, Diabolical Russian Plot To Be Friendly With America
Caitlin Johnstone

I’m going to finish reading the article later, I just wanted to point out that /r/politics used to be a half decent subreddit, but slowly morphed into the hive of scum and villanry it’s become. It started about the time reddit started closing some of the nasty subreddits like /r/jailbait and some of the nasty white supremacist ones. The people who used to congregate there started flooding the main subreddits, spewing their garbage all over the place in the name of ‘freedom of speech’. /r/news and /r/politics were some of the first victims with how popular they had become. Then, with the rise of Bernie, decent human beings briefly took /r/politics back over, and there was actually some real, non-crazy discussions of politics happening between Trump and Sanders supporters happening there. Then suddenly the place was flooded with hillbots. It turns out that /r/politics was one of the main targets of Correct the Record. Real humans quickly fled into their respective political camps — thus /r/TheDonald and /r/SandersforPresident became huge. /r/politics quickly became nothing but CTR trolls trolling each other. And it appears that real people never actually returned. So be cautious looking too deeply into discussions seen there. It’s mostly trolls trolling trolls.

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