Entrepreneurship and imposter syndrome — or what my dogs taught me about running a business.
Jane Lindsey

I agree! I do sometimes get up early to meditate and journal but it’s not for everyone and it doesn’t fit with everyone’s life. I think there are a few things that most people would benefit from daily but I think when people did them and how is up to them — and of course they might not want to do all of them :) I don’t see why we have to design everything to be a struggle and a fight and also, not everyone wants to be wildly, six figures in six months kind of successful. for me, sucessful is actually having more time to NOT be at work, to sleep easy in my bed knowing that I do the right thing and help the world more than hinder it and that I have time to do other things that fill me up, not just run my business. The langiage used by this type of ‘exopert’ irks me, it’s all busy busy, fighting, striving etc, urgh!

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