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Border Sunrise

One sunrise, you opened your eyes
But the world looked different
Than when you closed them last.
Something anomalous
In your bones
In the throb of your brain
In the sour saliva
You swallowed hard
You weren’t alarmed
you knew what
This feeling meant.
You were no longer hollow
You were no longer you.
You had become we
We grew, tiny curled fists.
Within the dark ocean of your womb
New life patiently bloomed
That same morning
I awoke with the we in me

For months we grew
In parallel worlds.
I in mine
You in yours.
Under clouds filled
With the promise of rain
Waiting for the next sunrise
To bring forth life
On my son, rain will fall
The sun will rise
He will grow
Strong and unhindered
By hate or ignorance.
We will live on soil
Where our skin is favored
Void of melanin
Void of bias and disregard

Yours, sweet unknowing mother,
Will land on soil
Of struggle and discontent.
You will raise him up with fists
Full of tickets to the promised land.
But the men of this land
Will see your eyes turned toward
The promise of rain
They will see
Your sunrise kissed skin
The warm glorious hues
That caress the curves
Of your son’s face
And they will pull him from your embrace
They will lead him away
From under your wings

Despite our motherly ethereal cries,
Our guttural screams of unimagined pain
They will lock him in cages
Despite his tears
They will prosecute your dreams
Sweet mother of strength
Oh mother of sunrises,
How clearly I see
My son’s face
When I look upon yours
His tears and yours fall on my soil
The land of unkept promises
In split waters of oceans and winding rivers

I see you,
As I dig for the keys to your cages
As I fight with my people, my son on my hip.
And raise him to open doors
Instead of close them to your plea.
As I raise him in parallel worlds
In sunrises
With skin void of pain
For mother, what will our children say,
If the only places left to play
Are in blood colored soil
Pock-marked by dirty rain?

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