About The Author

I asked a good friend to write a bio about me for an upcoming event.

This is what he wrote:

Sarah “The Shark” Werner is a veteran podcaster and a lover of fine wines and finer men. With her… I dunno, decades? Let’s say decades — of expeience in the industry, she is one of the most widely feared voice actors in the great Sioux Falls area.
Don’t believe her? Just don’t say it too loud, for this Jedi Knight (and friend of Captain Solo) has a rap sheet as long as her hair — which is to say it’s present, longer than you’d think, and steadily growing.
Sarah has some cats, probably, and unbeknownst to her they also podcast, using her equipment and fiddling with the settings just to upset her at the end of a stressful day. Her real job, accounting for the lion’s share of those stressful days, is working night shifts as a freelance jewel thief.
Her hobbies include deep sea fishing, snorkeling, scuba diving, parasailing, surfing, whale-watching, competitive speed swimming, and overcoming her crippling hydrophobia.
Though right now she humbly calls herself “just a podcaster,” her long-term goal is to become the only podcaster, anywhere — and she just might do it!

This is my new favorite anything ever.

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