Send us your story ideas!

Good day, re:form readers.

Yesterday marked six weeks since we launched this collection. We’re having an incredibly good time raising it up and watching it grow, building a story archive and seeing a community of readers gather to take it in.

We like to think we’ve created a unique place for design, where the boundaries are flexible and the interpretations of the topic diverse. Sure, we love a post about an iconic product or a stunning building, but we also love a story that locates design’s more obscure intersections, where it meets technology, science, agriculture, food, history, or art.

We relish the unexpected and we’ve found that our audience does, too. One of our most popular stories so far is a personal essay about being surveilled at Disneyworld while wearing the park-issued data-collecting wristband. We’ve had a piece on design for the microbiome, written by a biologist who teaches art; a call for redesigning the baby car seat; an exploration of the “asphalt tags” embedded in NYC streets, which communicate messages to utility workers; an explanation of how white noise is engineered; and a beautiful meditation on making coffee with the moka express pot. And that’s just the beginning.

Now that we’ve got the collection going, we want to hear from you. Pitch us your design stories! If you’ve got an idea, send an email to

If you want to know what kinds of stories we’re looking for, the best examples are those already published on the site, but we can send you a list of categories and suggestions to jog your brain. Pitches don’t need to be highly formalized, but you should make clear what the idea is, why it’s relevant now, and why it fits here.

As Medium has said from the outset, this is a place for everyone’s stories and ideas. We can’t wait to hear yours.