Chrome bug generated website errors with Symantec SSL certificates

“A version 53 of Chrome, has brought corruption on WebView which is an Android component for web content display on Android apps”, said Rick Andrew, who is the a director the Symantec company. Over the past one month, errors that have been encountered while accessing HTTPS-enabled websites may have been caused by the bug. The bug has corrupted the validations of some of the SSL certificates issued also GeoTrust and Thawte and two CA`s that are under the charge of Symantec are also corrupted.

According to, the generation of errors has caused the Symantec a lot of loss which they are suppose to look into to protect their certificates in future since they are the largest certificate issuing authority in the world.

The main cause of this problem resulted from the decision from Google to force the certificates given out by the Symantec company CA`s after 1st June to get printed to a Certificate Transparency log.

To solve this on Android, upgrading the current form of WebView an the version 55 of Chrome immediately it is available on the users` platform, is required of them (end users). A platform that is mainly used by developers should be used to analyze their applications for compatibility. The WebView despite being a system component it is a software package able to be upgraded following the features it has.

A maximum of 10 weeks trusting CT data is set by media in the browser to avoid information becoming stale

Modification on Chrome version 55 on windows, Mac and Linux are done by Google, in order not to any longer generate trust errors by the Symantec certificates. “The issue is completely repaired for all platforms such that the error trigger are now minimal”, Andrews said .from the Symantec incident, version 53 of Chrome had implemented a mechanism that, certificates complying with Certificate Transparent Policy given out by the responsible company 1st June, 2016 should be trusted.

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