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Comparing bank landing pages

As the first step in my journey to becoming a UX designer I am looking at analysing the design of different websites. I have decided to look at one type of product to make it easier to compare the decisions different companies have made to solve similar issues. I have chosen to look at banks as it is a service almost everyone uses begrudgingly. A poor online banking experience is akin to standing in line at the bank. Just terrible. This makes the subject of banking ideal to look at when thinking about designing for users.

The challenge for banking pages is that it must be accessible to many different types of users from many different backgrounds. It must feel reliable, secure and professional.


The landing page for ASB was the simplest of the banking pages I looked at. The colour scheme is neutral and professional with yellow used to highlight important areas. The typography is easy to read and functional. The diagonal lines suggest movement, energy and youthfulness.

The dominant item (after the friendly image opener) is the “Welcome to ASB” in large text on a highly contrasted background. This helps the user orientate themselves quickly and draws attention to the 3 items the business has prioritised. The highlighted icons draw the user in to read the otherwise ignorable background text.

The main focal point is the search bar. If this search function works well this is ideal as the customer can get straight in to what they are looking for rather than scanning different headings which is how other banks have chosen to present their information. It allows for a cleaner more welcoming landing page.

Specific, less important information is tucked away cleanly at the bottom of the page, but easy to find if you are looking for it.

The login is emphasised through high contrast in a minimal header. As one of the prime functions of a banking page this is ideal.


Compared to the ASB site this site feels stodgy and less welcoming, perhaps because there isn’t a large image to set the mood. It is straight to business. I don’t like how the dominant item is the advertisement. I immediately feel irked.

However it is functional and the info clearly displayed with a pleasant and calming colour scheme. This page emphasises the log on button more than search which I like as this is surely the main reason to go to a banking page. The functions listed and emphasised through contrast beneath it are common secondary reasons.

It has ordered the information for “home loans”, “accounts” and “find out about” nicely. Everything is grouped together very clearly and compartmentalised. The headings stand out and allow you to scan for the information you want so you don’t have to delve into any unnecessary information. As a user, this is highly appreciated.


A large image makes this banking page feel more energised than the previous page but I think it is less effective as a banking site in that I feel more resentment towards it. The image takes up an unnecessary amount of space for the purpose it serves. They have chosen to put all the key information in the header, emphasising the Login. This works okay but it makes the rest of the site feel like a waste of space. I feel tricked into looking at unnecessary elements by all the fanfare and putting all the important information in the header in a minimalised way emphasises this for me.

Kiwi bank

My first impression is that this site is less slick than the others. KiwiBank tries to differentiate itself from other banks by presenting itself as more personal and caring than others. They demonstrate this through their colour and typography choices.

The shade of green they have chosen is often associated with environmental organisations, and healthy food choices. Along with the choice of image you couldn’t be blamed for thinking this was the site of a greengrocers or organic supermarket.

The search and login bar are in typical places and easy to find.

My overall feeling about Kiwibank is that it doesn’t take security as seriously as other banks, which is an unfair assumption brought on by its “cheaper” colouring and font choices.


The dominant item is just so dominant for this landing page. I can barely tear my eyes away from it to find the information I want. And it is not a useful item for the regular user of this site. Everything else is completely washed out compared to it. I can’t stop looking at it. Red is such a strong colour, I feel like it needs to be used quite carefully. It is an interesting colour scheme on this page and it feels like it hasn’t been thought about very carefully.

This is also a long landing page. For the other sites presented I am by and large showing the entire landing page. This site needs this second screen shot.

I find the ASB site to be the most effective in its simplicity. It puts the most emphasise on the important elements and tries hardest to avoid the user having to read unnecessary content. It is welcoming and friendly, but also more professional and clear about what it does than a site like Kiwibank.

In contrast, the Westpac site feels like the least considered. It has not thought about what draws the eye, or if it has it has considered it from the point of view of its own business goals rather than the goals of the user.

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