Here’s the thing with this election: racism, sexism, xenophobia, etc.
Trent Lapinski

Trent, because you seem to like informing people about these bubbles we're all in, let me inform you about your own: it's called being a white man in America.

You are under the impression that these "isms" are literally a distraction from the "real issues." The real issues, according to what typically takes priority for white males. You point out that they require people to "come together and address as a community." Um, elections are a fantastic example of that. We come together as a community and decide what types of leaders we will and won't tolerate. No, Obama didn't (and wasn't ever going to) "solve" racism — but repeatedly saying, as a nation, what standards we have for our leaders is a huge part of the norms we build for our society. These leaders are role models, especially for the young.

If you think there aren't concrete consequences to saying, "Yeah, we're ok with this guy even though he is racist, sexist, and xenophobic", you are a fool.

Even if we assume he can't carry out his most dramatic proposals like banning Muslims and deporting all 11 million illegal aliens, his racism is all too concrete for the thousands of young Dreamers who will likely be deported. For minorities and police officers who have been told that stop and frisk is the way to go, that our highest elected leader dogwhistles a return to the "law and order" approach of the 1960s. For women across the country who are reliving the memories of being assaulted and objectified, as their perpetrators not only get away with it but move onward and upward. For refugees who are suffering through war and might have had a chance for respite in our country. For the Muslims and Hispanics that are being told they don't belong here. For children who are being shown that you can bully and call people names and it might just help you get what you want.

For marginalized groups, "isms" aren't an afterthought, they are an essential and very real part of life.

I'm not saying Trump voters didn't have their own real and concrete concerns. But voting for him was an active choice to allow these consequences and more to happen — his platform was frankly mainly anti-immigrant, anti-Muslim, plus some anti-trade; it's not like he was secretly slipping these in. And in order to think these consequences are a-ok, I think you have to have a good dose of racism, xenophobia, and sexism to begin with.

But obviously, it's more comfortable to say it's really about the establishment. No one wants to admit that they just don't really care that much about the real negative consequences of their vote for people of color and women. And after all, you wrote a whole sentence saying you "of course care about things like racism and sexism." It sounds equally credible as Trump, who is the "least racist person ever." God forbid you would actually prioritize the people affected by them with your vote.