We’re different. Accept it and Unite

Everyone wants to be the best. Whether that means best looking, being the student, mother or employee. There is a constant fight to be on top. By being the best does that mean you need to take others down? Women are often tearing each down because of their differences instead of embracing one another for their differences and sharing the glory of being women. We’re all different. Some of us are tall, short, slender, curvy, poor, rich and come in a variety of colors due to our background.

Many take the statement “Real men like curves, only dogs go for bones” as liberating to women that don’t fit our societies beauty standard of being thin. However, this can also been seen as tearing down women of a smaller frame. We’re naturally different so why does it make some of us better than others? It doesn’t! As women we need to realize that we have differences, not only physically, but in our life experiences. Bell Hooks reminds us that although we have all of these differences, sisterhood is key.

Not only do we have physical differences as women, but our day to day experiences vary due to race and social class. Being that I am from a Hispanic background I have had different experiences than someone that grew up in a White or Asian household. We would have grown up each embracing our own cultures. Then factor in social class and now our experiences are that much more diverse. There are many factors to shape our life experiences. Does this diversity make us special or does it pull us away from one another? I feel in many cases it pulls us away. I believe we should celebrate our differences, accept them for the beauty they hold and share them in order to unite as women. Why are we constantly against each other, when we can embrace our differences and learn about another person’s culture.

As women we need to learn that we are in this fight together. During the Women’s March there was backlash towards white women for coming out for the Women’s March and speaking out against inequality, yet they don’t show their support for the Black Lives Matter Movement. We shouldn’t only speak out on an issue when it affects us directly. Being that we all come from different backgrounds there will be different movements that affect us personally, but we need to always stand up with those being treated unfairly.

Individuals of different races are often pit against one other due to the media’s portrayal of the news. In order to take full control and make a difference, there will need to be a change in the way the media portrays current events. The media is often one sided, shutting down views that contradict the story they want to tell. Create your own media. Post about issues that matter to you, share your views and thoughts of those around you. Taking back the media is one step towards moving out of the victim role and moving into a position power. As mentioned by Claudia Card once realizes the status of victim, there should be active movements to move away from that status and taking back control. By taking back the media we are able to product our own content of things that personally matter. Marches or protest usually receive media attention for a short period of time , but are then dropped even though the issue that was being protested is clearly affecting individuals within our society. Don’t let the coverage stop. Either demand changes from media outlets or create your own media with updates even after the media has finished their coverage. The coverage of the LAPD officer that shot into a crowd of children has been forgotten after a week. A hashtag is quickly forgotten. Why? The issue hasn’t been removed, but our media has moved onto other distractions like Beyonce having twins or who’s going to be at Coachella now is receiving constant coverage. Remember to stay united when covering the issues at hand and represent members of all communities, even if you aren’t affected directly.

In conclusion, there are many steps to be taken in order to create the change that is needed. First we must unite and remember our differences she be celebrated and accepted, instead of pitting us against one another or having different experiences. Support one another in protest and speak out even if you aren’t directly affected. Don’t request change, demand it and do what you can to be that change that is needed. Become your own media and push out existing outlets that aren’t sharing the truth.