Yeah. Look, honestly, I don’t care about the product much.
Omri Aloni

Totally agree. The cultural thing is the depressing part. I just thought I would throw the positive product angle out there because, ahem, I sort of have a skipping meal problem. The issue is not skipping the meal though, it’s that my chaotic attempts to catch up on work in the short blocks of time I have is unhealthy and I know it. What’s funny is that I enjoy and am an excellent cook and a total foodie. I just somehow simultaneously feel like eating is chore. It’s really come down to prioritizing — I do that for dinners, but haven’t quite made it to lunches since that’s when I work. I think the lamest thing is that I see Soylent and think “awesome, liquid food!” … “Oh crap am I the target market for this depressing-ness?”

But yeah — an article that needed to be put out there.

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