Those of you who follow me here on Medium have probably been surprised not to hear from me in a while. I was in the early days of a job search, writing about my thoughts and experiences, and then … nothing.

I’m actually still blogging. But not here. Thanks to the ease of building a blog in Gatsby, I’ve moved my blog over to my personal site.

Read it here! (

I think I have an RSS feed there (it seems to misbehave sometimes), so you can subscribe to my blog, or follow me on twitter (@sarahscode), where I usually post after I’ve posted a blog.

Thanks for reading along with me for so long, and I look forward to seeing your thoughts on my continuing writings!

❤, Sarah

Sarah Katz

Software Developer. Graduate from the first ever NYC Web Development Fellowship at Fullstack Academy of Code. Writes about the human side of coding.

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