A Better Year: Looking Towards 2019

Sarah Katz
Dec 31, 2018 · 2 min read

In early 2018, I started my first job as a software developer. It started out rough, with a difficult onboarding process (something that certain people in my office are working hard to improve). In the time since then, I’ve discovered that I work with the greatest group of people, but I haven’t loved the project I’m working on, which is really more of an automation project than a development project.

The good news is: I think 2019 will be better. Late in the year, I had a chance to work on some bug fixes, and I loved it. After a conversation with my scrum master, we hired someone new to take on my automation project with the hope that I can be fully moved into development work.

2019 is not going to be all fun and games. I may have to leave my team (who are awesome) because we don’t really need any more developers (but the good news is, my company has several other awesome teams who may need my help). It’s been a little while since I did heavy front-end development, so I may have to relearn things. By taking on more development work, I’ll probably be taking on more responsibilities, which is always an adjustment. And of course, I have to get my new co-worker up to speed on the project he will be taking over.

I’m not entirely sure what 2019 will hold for me. 2018 certainly wasn’t what I wanted it to be. But I’m optimistic that the new year will bring good things for me and lots of change for the better.

Happy New Year!

Sarah Katz
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