Anita Sarkeesian: Game-Over

Anita Sarkeesian’s attempt at damage-control post Vidcon’s #GarbageGate episode fails deliciously

On VidCon, Harassment & Garbage Humans

Anita Sarkeesian — June 26, 2017
To kick off the Women Online panel at VidCon last Thursday, the moderator posed the question: Why do we still have to talk about the harassment of women? I replied, “Because I think one of my biggest harassers is sitting in the front row.”

We need to talk about the “online harassment of Anita Snarkeesian”.

Because its all she cares about. 
That’s right.

NOT her “message” — as ideologically and as ethically inconsistent as it is…NOT women.
NOT feminism.
NOT you.

Well meme’d, friend.

I’m so sick of these weak, simpering and snivelling grown-ass women leaping at the opportunity to perform these over-rehearsed victim-roles like they’re a shitty Shakespearean company?

These are just a group of well-off women who enjoy wielding power against people they don’t like — Youtube creators, gamers and vocal dissenters who are shoved out of the spotlight of public debate —despite trying to claim that they have no power at the same time. Its fine to label the other side as “human garbage” by Sharkeesian.

We need to admit that the people pushing this false narrative of “women being targeted online who are in constant fear for their lives and stuff” are using Feminism to fill their personal piggy-banks. They need to abdicate the shiny crowns of moral superiority, paid for by the goldmine of public support for their “social justice activism”.

These are feminist actors, repeating well-rehearsed lines upon a stage we keep setting for their persecution-complexes and drama.


Best Source: HoneyBadgerRadio

We need new cast members in this farce. These feminist actors jumped the shark years ago. Do we still need this worn-out rhetoric that women are ‘unsafe’ online due to gamers? Is everyone else still taking these money-hungry people seriously?

Anita really cares about money and women being bullied or whatever

But what do you think, Anita?

He [Sargon of Akkad] showed up with several others; together, his group took up the two front rows at the panel. Their presence was plainly not, as one of them later said in an “apology” video he posted to Twitter, to “give us the chance we never gave them” and to “hear us out,” but was instead to intimidate me and put me on edge.

I sleep soundly knowing that Anita Sharkeesian is on the front line fighting the good fight for women — don’t you, weak women of the internets?

#SoBrave #SoMe

They will no doubt plead innocent and act shocked at what they characterize as the outrageousness of such allegations.

We saw the video, Anita.

This, too, is part of their strategy: gaslighting, acting in a way intended to encourage me and their other targets to doubt ourselves and to wonder if all of this isn’t just in our heads.

This is actually fucking brilliant — using gas-lighting to explain gas-lighting, while gas-lighting.

But to anyone who examines their patterns of behavior with clear eyes, the intentions of their actions are undeniably apparent.
From Anita’s Article, “Fight for my honour, feminist foot-soldiers!
Carl is a man who literally profits from harassing me and other women: he makes over $5,000 a month on Patreon for creating YouTube videos that mock, insult and discredit myself and other women online, and he’s not alone. He is one of several YouTubers who profit from the cottage industry of online harassment and antifeminism…

Can you feeeeeel the tension building?

…together, these people have millions of followers who are regularly encouraged by the videos and tweets of these individuals to harass me and other women who make videos daring to assert the basic humanity of women, people of color, trans folks, and members of other marginalized groups.
Because of the constant flood of threats and harassment I have received over the past five years simply for being a woman who argues for the basic humanity of women in a deeply misogynistic culture, I went for a very long time rarely participating in public conversations. Being a target of cybermob harassment is a traumatizing experience, though harassers seek to deny this; one tactic of theirs is to dismiss this very idea, to say that everyone online is treated the same, everyone online gets “called names” sometimes.
Well fuck none of these humans are of any use — fuck ‘em!
In fact, there is simply no comparison between being occasionally mocked or insulted online as a male antifeminist who occupies a position of power in an overwhelmingly sexist, patriarchal culture…
…and being a woman who receives a never-ending torrent of abuse while fighting tooth and nail to create an online culture that is a little less misogynistic and a little more equitable.
However, despite the torrent of harassment, I recently made a conscious decision to participate more regularly in panels and conversations at public events, because I wanted to engage with people who show up in good faith to listen to our ideas. But let me make something very clear: When you have a history of harassing someone for years, and you show up in the front row at their panel with a camera and an entourage, that is not an act of good faith, to put it mildly. That is itself an act of harassment and intimidation.
He and his companions were doing this not just to me but to other women as well, women like Kat Blaque and Franchesca Ramsey, so that we all are aware at VidCon that this man who has harassed us and whose hundreds of thousands of followers have attacked us online for years is here, watching us.

Oh yeah, Franchesca Ramsey played an important role here as well, didn’t she?

Source: The Devil

Oh yeah shit — Anita hadn’t even finished yet. My bad, sweetie…

It’s a deliberate act to create an environment that feels hostile, to communicate to us that if and when we dare to show up in public to express the ideas that we express online, the harassment will follow us into the physical world as well.

This was YOU

Now, he and his followers are acting as if me publicly calling him a “garbage human” is the equivalent to what he has done to me.

Wait for it….

In truth, he and his followers cannot begin to imagine what it is to have to constantly beg for and fight for your basic humanity in a culture that fundamentally refuses to acknowledge it.

Neither can you, Anita.

He cannot imagine what it is to spend years and years being the target of floods of harassment and hate, and then to still go out there and keep fighting.
Another woman being made to feel like shit about who they are online…disgusting
The companion of his who made that apology video I referenced earlier also tweeted that women are “powerful” enough to “deal with things like workplace harassment to rape.” As if power is in accepting a culture in which women are second-class citizens, in which misogyny and workplace harassment and rape are the norm. Fuck that. I’ll never settle for that.
So this is fine. Move along.
You’re damn right I’m powerful. After everything I’ve been put through by Carl and other men just like him, I’m still powerful enough to go out there and try to change it.

Sheeesh…play her off, Neckbeard!

fuck yeah
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