Feminist Witch Trials: A Re-cap

The People of Social Justice v.s Bridget Bishop


Bridget Bishop was executed during the Feminist witch trials of 2016. Bishop was a known rape apologist who was said to have possessed a feisty, fun-loving and ‘lusty nature’ which she had repeatedly failed to attribute to her empowerment through Feminism. A woman yet not a feminist, Bishop’s accusers noted how she often opted out of public executions celebrating the spirit of solidarity. with her constant joking constantly failed to adhere to the Laws of Comfortable Speech, and in one occasion asked that a claim of rape by a woman be judged on evidence. The Calling Out of Bishop story was the most circulated story since 2015, inciting even more efforts from Feminists to call out Bishop when rumours emerged that she had signed the Book of Patriarchy. Bishop was further charged in relation to the recent triggering of feminist activists within a safe-space.

Triggered feminist victims finally had their voices heard in the court of social justice when proof of Bishop’s anti-feminism was entered as spectral evidence under Sarkeesian’s Law. Under Sarkeesian’s Law, everything is sexist, and the evidence brought by prosecution was overwhelmingly problematic in nature.

During her trial, Bishop refused to identify herself as an anti-feminist, despite mounting internet evidence of her inhumanity. Upon further accusation that she was not even a woman but a troll, Bishop said nothing. Bishop refused to plea guilty to the charges of microaggression, rape-apologising, reinforcing heteronormativity and expressing non-violent acts of verbal-violence. Bishop also frequently failed to announce unsafe speech with appropriate Trigger Warnings, causing Feminists in the courthouse to scream and cry as they were re-traumatised over and over.