Oh, So You’re Not a Feminist? Then You’re Probably Not a Woman…

Some thoughts

Interesting time to be alive, really.

Historical publications of the future will no-doubt have an endless supply of critical analysis of the social and cultural wars we’re experiencing right now. Nobody will take the Left seriously for a very long time unless it can display at least an iota of self-awareness.

So I have left the Left. Or at least ideologically-divorced myself from the movement until it can get its shit together again.

My Reasons Are Good Enough:

I don’t have to align myself with ANY movement that has become toxic just because I have a vagina. I am not betraying my gender by pointing out how #IntersectionalFeminism is completely hateful and retarded.

I don’t owe Feminism anything - not a goddam thing. And to even suggest such nonsense is utter garbage. If FIRST wave feminism meant anything to any of us — then it emancipated women who are now free to disagree and reject and support whatever ideas and thoughts they like. Not emancipated to serve under the lord god feminism. Get fucked.

I’ve seen so many women -particularly women who would be classed as vulnerable — caught caught up in the hysterical prattling of completely self-righteous THIRD-WAVE scumbags telling them that their brand of feminism will protect them from harm. They will be empowered by their money-making brand of #Intersectional #slavery. Websites like Everyday Feminism openly stating their victim-kindling propaganda website is a means of assisting so-called “activists” profit for further “activism”. Websites like theirs publish articles telling readers to isolate themselves from those that criticise their movement and labelling those who see through their bullshit as “abusive”. Clearly written by a gang of lunatics who don’t understand what abuse, gas-lighting or violence actually mean.

Lucky them, but for every woman who does experience these things — its frankly insulting.

If FIRST wave feminism meant anything to any of us — then it emancipated women who are now free to disagree and reject and support whatever ideas and thoughts they like. Not emancipated to serve under the lord god feminism. Get fucked.

I have performed stand-up comedy privately in women’s domestic violence shelters…just because. I have never published this admission because I see it as self-fisting and virtue-signalling and only do so now because I have met and laughed with these women; the women that 3rd-wave intersectional retards claim to represent and love so much. I don’t publish that sort of information about myself because it makes my skin crawl and makes the entire connection and care I have for those women seem so hollow.

Hashtags, freedom-selfies and slogan shouting protests uploaded to facebook do not matter to those real women. Ever.

And if not for the #feels and the #likes and the “ERMERGERD BABES YOU’RE SO BRAVE!!” that spews cringe-inducing vomit through your twitter feed, if there was NO chance of congratulation for yourself — would you even give a single shit about abused or oppressed women?

No. Of course not. Its only for the applause. Its only for the #tumblr and its only ever for yourself to go on self-prostrating grand-stands and broadcasting your heroic hashtags across the globe. But fuck the disgusting junkie woman. Ew. Let’s ignore her.

I’ve spent the better half of a year sneaking around at night opening up empty houses and bringing sex workers the keys. Tania has only one leg (her fake leg is filthy) and she is always high. She came to me in tears about a curb-crawler who’d beaten her and left her for dead a few nights earlier.

She had spent that whole day with police — she had to identify one of her own friends at the morgue. She had been burnt alive in the back of a sedan. She was in tears with grief. My friend was good enough to drive her and I to a new house I had opened up a few weeks earlier and she slept on a mattress instead of on a concrete sidewalk. I have several recordings of Tania and other women in her position describing people or saying their goodbyes just in case they’re murdered anytime soon.

#YESALLMEN can suck my dick. Hashtags and selfies for justice are only good to spit on when women like Tania record goodbyes to their friends on a phone just in case.

Erin died due to a heart condition related to her heroin use. She was smaller than me and spoke in a child-like voice. She used to get a lot of pedaophiles. She was my age. She looked so much older than I did when I last saw her. She loved algebra. She devoured books and I would laugh every time she tried to explain any sort of equation to me. I think about her a lot.

Nobody has seen Erica for months. I loved her the most.

Oh, you’re not a feminist? You must be against equality for women.

Oh, you’re not a feminist? You must enjoy seeing women get raped.

Oh, you’re not a feminist? You’re just like Hitler.

You are a bad person who deserves no right to speak or defend your position, and socially you will be considered to be a dangerous, hateful enemy amongst those who only want to make this world a better place…

Until you’re ready to label your views and actions to be ‘feminist’ views and actions, you are not welcome here. Be careful walking home tonight, you Hitler!

You see, Feminism means to me…

Go fuck yourselves, #Intersectional #Feminists. You don’t know shit about real experiences. Grab a shovel or something before you gloat about what your self-serving ideologue means to you.

Stop telling women that everything is rape.
 Stop telling women that everything is rape but don’t report it to police. 
 Stop telling women that everything is rape but don’t report it to police because black lives matter or some shit.

Stop telling sex-workers your political theories over the top of your ugly hipster glasses because they do not care about how courageous you think you are or how many fucking views your feminist youtube channel has.

They are too busy living a life far removed from your narcissistic self-care shit. How dare you claim to care or represent these women. How dare you blog about the oppression or injustice you face when a boyfriend fails to acknowledge your ever-changing sexuality or validating you at a the drop of a hat.

Thankfully, most of the feminists complaining about their horribly oppressed lives will never come close to knowing what that sort of life is like. I genuinely hope that nobody has to experience an iota of what they go through. But unless you have literally opened your doors to let these women into your homes to sleep on your couch or use your shower or given them clothes or food or risked your police clearance for these women, then you aren’t entitled to defend your feminist-narcissism. You do not deserve respect for your Twitter feed. Stop grandstanding on the suffering of women that you see as inferior to you, who you wouldn’t stop to even spit on in the streets! And then go and tweet about how awful people can be on the internet and call yourself an activist? Stop fisting yourself to your condescending, judgemental speeches or watching yourself in your own dolled-up videos telling total strangers to get fucked. You get fucked.

Trust me, the women who truly are suffering hate you too. They send their love.

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