My search for a good Plumber

Finding a good tradesman is not easy. My last piece outlined how to find a good web designer, which is something I have experience with given that work in the industry. However, finding a good, honest and reliable local plumber was a bit more of a challenge.

I started by using my outline to find a web designer and tweaking it. So, basically you need to; do some online research, create a shortlist, ring potential candidates and invite your finalists to give you a quote at which time you can meet them in person.

Online research is easier than it sounds so don’t be put off by it. You start by checking the companies website and any associated social media accounts. Here you will get a good idea of how the company presents itself and may pick up some reviews or testimonials.

Don’t end up like this. Find a good local plumber today.

Next you can move on to regulatory bodies, trade sites and online reviews to check they are registered with the correct people, qualified and have a track record of providing good service.

Once you do this you will get a good idea of who is reputable within your local area. At this point you need to make a shortlist of between three and five candidates and then you need to give your shortlist a call.

When speaking to them ask about call-out charges, references, qualifications and accreditations. If you are happy with what you hear then invite them to come and give you a quote.

Once you compile your quotes and you have met the Plumbers in person you can whittle down your shortlist and choose your final candidate.

However, I would like to urge you to not jump in with the cheapest quote. Nine time out of ten the cheapest option is not the best option and if they do a bad job you could incur further costs that set you back thousands!