How to Watch Our Stories in a VR Viewer

Children in Zambia StoryUP for the First Time

StoryUP’s IOS, Android and Gear VR apps will be out soon doesn’t mean you have to miss out on watching our inspirational stories in Virtual Reality. Here’s how to step inside our stories with Google Cardboard.

  1. Get a Google Cardboard Viewer. You can purchase one for $10 at this link. My favorite is Knox Lab’s “V2” (version two) 2015 viewer. It works with a variety of newer smart phones.
  2. Update your Youtube app by going to your Iphone’s app store and clicking on “updates” or the Google Play Store on your Android device. Note: the video won’t play stereoscopically (split into two screens) unless it’s deployed INSIDE the Youtube app….not just on your phone’s web browser.
  3. Go to StoryUP’s Youtube Channel, subscribe if you’d like and select the 360 video you want to watch or use the video shared below.
Click this Icon for Google Cardboard mode

4. Turn your phone horizontally and click the Cardboard icon. Notice how the video splits into two screens.

5. Place your phone still horizontal inside the Cardboard viewer.

6. While looking through the goggles, use the trigger button on Cardboard to click on a video link.

If you’d like to know when the StoryUP IOS, Android and GearVR apps will be in the app stores, please subscribe to our email updates. Need VR? Hire one of our immersive storytellers or consultants here: