Dress Like A Rah

Seersucker for the androgynous dresser.

Nikon 750 with 24–70mm — using app remote snap ability. (highly recommended)

Growing up in the south I always had this view that men who wore seer sucker were extremely preppy, had lots of money and it gave off the impression that no one else was really allowed to wear it.

Until now.

This outfit is a bit of a play on a southern accessory to still rock the business casual look.

Shirt: Originally Ralph Lauren, but scored it at a GoodWill.

Tie: Forever 21.

Tie Clip: ETSY — Shop titled “DapperandSwag” (my small tribute to Aslan from the Chronicles of Narnia)

Cardigan: Forever 21.

Watch: Urban Outfitters.

Bracelet: JCREW.

My blingidy bling bling: Rose gold selection from Zales.

Not everyday on Capitol Hill has to be suit oriented. Being a photographer running around chasing Senators and spectators at events means balancing mobility with style. Today acheived that.

I’ve had these items in my closet for quite some time now and today I switched up my color pallet to make an entirely new outfit.

Cheers to androgyny!