Dress Like A Rah

A surprise package from The Tie Bar

Canon 6D with soft box light for lighting assistance. Edited with VSCO.

A few months ago I wrote to The Tie Bar support team and told them a very brief, watered down version of my story. I explained what city I live in, the environment I work in and how much I love their ties.

I also explained that I’m a queer woman, gender non conforming and that it’s a huge bummer their marketing photos or language doesn’t cater to people like me. I love their ties, their patterns, their concept, I just wanted them to know that women like me use their website, too.

It’s one of the queer positive companies that empowers LGBTQ folks, but to be frank I would be more in to their products if they showed all body types in their visuals.

Someone very kind and thoughtful had obviously read what I wrote and politely asked for my address after thanking me for my email.

I received a thank you from them today.

The feeling I got opening up this package was the same kind of happiness that you see on a kids face when they experience true surprise.

I’m just not able to afford new ties whenever I want them and I seldom budget to add to my wardrobe. Reuse is a grand theme in my wardrobe for both causal wear and dressing up to work in the US Senate.

Maybe I should rename this to blogging on a budget?

Thank you to the team at Tie Bar. For your patience in reading something I just wanted to let you be aware of, for sending me more than enough of a thanks and for allowing me to have some great flare in my wardrobe. I’m looking forward to wearing all of these accessories and showing them off.

Thanks for caring about a kid like me who once hated mirrors.