Why I’m #StillWithHer, and You Should Be Too
Roy Delfino

Ultimately, I think she was a victim of her own loyalty to untrustworthy people. The latest was Huma Abedin, who was obviously so codependent with her pathetic pathological sex addict husband that she allowed him to use the laptop SHE USED FOR HER JOB AS ASSISTANT TO A PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE! Seriously, folks. As I mentioned in a previous post, Bill was another. The “Crooked” Hillary smear from both the Left and Right had it’s origins in “Slick Willie.” She made a bargain that many women make, and in her case she also felt she needed a man’s coat tails to enter politics. But she could have been a senator without his help. Read “Game Change” and you’ll see how his non-consensual interference damaged her campaign and how pissed she was about it. In retrospect, she should have dumped him for Monica. I hope women can learn from her mistakes.

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