This week I decided to talk to some student about their thoughts were on the topic. Here are the results.

What is your name?

Thanasi Pantazides

On average how racially diverse are your classes?

Umm, well my math class is less diverse.

Do you think racial diversity impacts your learning?

It’s nice to have the diversity, but I can learn regardless of how much there is in the classroom. However, I could see it impacting a discussion. I mean with more diversity you can see the different view points of different culture. It’s interesting to have other cultures, but it does’t change the material, but it in riches the experience.

What is your name?

Soroush Taba

On average how racially diverse are your classes?

Well, like Thanasi said there are mostly whites in my math. But, art is way more diverse. There Korean, Indian, oh and there’s this really cool Persian guy named Soroush. It’s cool cause everyone brings something different to the table.

I talked to a girl named Jessie too, but she didn’t have much insight because all her classes are 95% white and so was her high school.

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